This should have come sooner, and it should come in detail, but it didn’t and it may (but not now). All I wish to do with this is pose a few questions about the Occupy movements.

Firstly, some commentators have connected the movement to the Arab Spring – this maybe in influence, but in fact? Are the protests in Madrid a more legitimate start? After all, incompetent capitalism is not the same as murderous tyrants; there are enough devils in the detail to distinguish the two.

Others have commented on the lack of a obvious message – is this necessarily a bad thing? Perhaps it suggests and open mind on behalf of the protesters. Perhaps its time we stop pretending we had the (immediate) solutions.

Finally, these movements suggest the real-life effect the internet can have on creating international social movements as these are not nationalist or national movements; they are somewhat defined by their international (or Western?) temperament. The spreading of an imagined community en-masse, perhaps?

ps. Occupy Brighton … really? 5 (maybe 6?) tents on a green in the middle of Brighton just seems a bit … pointless. London’s only 50 minutes by train…